I worked as a research scientist for Protocol Labs from January 2020 to February 2023. During this time my main focus was the security of the Filecoin consensus protocol.

I have a PhD from the Information Security Group in the Computer Science Department at University College London (UCL). My thesis Levels of Decentralization and Trust in Cryptocurrencies: Consensus, Governance and Applications was supervised by Sarah Meiklejohn and George Danezis.

During my PhD I did a 4 months internship at Facebook (working on their late project Libra/Diem) and collaborated with Protocol Labs. You can have a look at my CV here.

During my PhD, I was funded by the Centre for Doctoral Training in Financial Computing and Analytics. This programme consists in a 4 year curriculum (1st year : Master of Research (MRes), year 2-4: PhD).

Before joining UCL I studied Engineering in France at CentraleSupelec. During my MRes I worked on anomaly detection under the supervision of Prof George Danezis and Dr Gianluca Stringhini.